07th Sep2012
Author: Gyro

Royalty Free Icon Finder

Iconfinder.com provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way. The site launched in 2007 as the first search engine focused on icons. While not all icons are free, there are loads and loads to choose from and download.


Search tips

Searching on Iconfinder is simple but by knowing how Iconfinder works, you will be able to find the icons you are looking more effectivily.

Basic search

You can use both a single keyword e.g. computer or multiple keywords such as red folder. The results are sorted by how well the entered keyword matches the tags for each icon. So if you have two icons, one with the tag computer game and another with the tag computer, then the second one will be ranked higher when you do a search for computer, but both icons will show up in the search results. Besides the matching of tags to the search string, the icons are also ranked by their rating given by the users as well as the number of times the icon have been downloaded.

Search for icon sets

All icons are grouped in icon sets. You can search for icon sets by using iconset: …. Try it out here: iconset:discovery. The best way to find the icon set you need is by probably be using the browse page. When you click an icon set while browsing you are taken to a iconset: … search result page. If you find multiple icon sets you like you can search all of these by separating them with a comma like this: iconset:drf,fatcow,discovery.

Search within a specific icon sets

A useful feature is to search within an icon set. You can do that by typing in keywords after you the iconset: keyword e.g. iconset:silk2 user


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