06th Aug2012
Author: Gyro

DuckDuckGo – The Google Alternative?

I recently found out about DuckDuckGo, it is a new search engine that doesn't spy on you like Google does, and it actually returns search results better than yahoo or bing. DuckDuckGo could be the google alternative you have been waiting for! :shock:

For most, DuckDuckGo will return search results that are equally good (but not necessarily the same) as those from big G. For me, Google is still the winner when searching for technical stuff, as the google alternative DuckDuckGo seems to have problems with email lists, forums, and other "discussion media". However, I have permanently changed my default search provider to DuckDuckGo thanks to their !bang idea, which gives you no reason to use DuckDuckGo as your google alternative -- at least as your browser's default search provider. ;)

Google Alternative

DuckDuckGo came up with a neat idea called !bangs, which enable you to search literally everything though one search. For example: If you want to find an image of a sunset, type: "!i sunset" without the quotes, and you would end up looking at Google image search results of a sunset. Typing: "!yt funny cat" would make you a stereotype computer geek watching cat videos on YouTube. :hehehe:

Apart from bangs!, DuckDuckGo also offers the unique chance to engage with the people behind the search engine. You can actually contact them and get a reply from a real person. I have always disliked the gigantic wall that big g has put up around them, in fact it is one of the reasons I have always been looking for a google alternative.

DuckDuckGo FTW

In short: I can highly recommend switching search engines and giving DuckDuckGo a try, you can always "!g search on google", or even better "!s search google via startpage to stop google tracking your every move on the net". Have a look at all the !bangs available, you could also add new ones yourself!


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