05th Jul2012

Customize your OS with Ubuntu Tweak

by Gyro

Ubuntu Tweak is an application to make configuring Ubuntu easier for everyone. It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default config-tool for the desktop environment doesn't provide.



02nd Jul2012

Scenic – A Video Conference Software on Steroids!

by Gyro

Scenic is an on stage telepresence system that allows for real time transmission of audiovisual data over any IP network. Scenic can be used in various artistic contexts, so that two different creative spaces can communicate with each other or present a combined performance. Thus, a dramatic work could be performed simultaneously in Paris and Montreal, with actors viewing each other and replying live over the network.

Scenic facilitates the transmission of high quality streaming audio-video at a guaranteed low latency on quality networks. It can transmit a maximum of 64 non-compressed audio channels, offers numerous audio and video codecs and allows the choice of compression ratio.



15th Jun2012

Download MP3s from GrooveShark™

by Gyro

I have long been a fan of GrooveShark. When I am not listening to Coast2Coast or other Talk Radio, GrooveShark is usually my choice for audio entertainment. Looking back, it's amazing how many new musicians I only know because of GrooveShark, and it almost hurts thinking about all the awesome music that I would have never had the opportunity to listen to otherwise.

While listening to some tunes, I though how awesome it would be to listen to them in the car… but how to I download music from GrooveShark?



14th Jun2012

Photoshop CS crashing when opening complex PSD files using Ubuntu/wine

by Gyro

I installed the new Photoshop CS6 trial version on Ubuntu using Wine 1.5.5, and had a strange error when I tried to open a complex psd file with multiple layers etc, Photoshop would just crash.

As much as I hate the way email lists look when searching for something, this time they were the only source I could find with the solution for this annoying problem.