21st Oct2012
Author: Gyro

Display posts from multiple WordPress Categories – Network Shared Posts

Display posts from multiple WordPress categories with Network Shared Posts.

With Network Shared Posts you can combine posts by categories/tags and display them as if they were one category. You can select the blogs to pull posts from, then define the category slugs and tags to get the posts you want to display. All this is done in one single shortcode featuring an array of settings to further customize the final list of posts. It works perfect to display posts from multiple WordPress categories and tags. You can get the full list of short code arguments on the official website.

This plugin is the perfect companion for any WP Multi Site network, but also works its magic when just running a single block and wanting to combine posts in a way categories and tags simply can't.

With Network Shared Posts plugin you can share posts over WP Multi Site network, you can display the posts from all blogs in your network on any blog, and you can select blogs to display posts from. In short, you can display posts from multiple wordpress categories on one page, including those matching pre-defined tags.


This plugin is very useful for multi level network. For example city.state.country.com :
’state’ level site can collect posts from ‘city‘ level sites and/or its own posts,
‘country‘ level site can collect posts from ‘state‘ level sites and/or ’city‘ level sites and/or its own posts.

You can specify categories and tags, to display posts from multiple wordpress categories and matching tags. All posts will be shown in the latest date order no matter from what blog they were taken, however you can modify the plugin to sort the posts by any other post variable, like the post title. You can specify how old (in days) the collected posts may be. Also you can specify how many posts should be displayed from each blog. You can set thumbnails image size and style or disable thumbnails at all. You can also adjust CSS styles by editing the CSS file.

Here an example how to use Network Shared Posts:
Create post or page and put a short code [netsposts] with desired arguments into your page content .
Example: [netsposts include_blog='1,2,5' days='30' taxonomy='news' titles_only=false show_author=true thumbnail=true size='90,90' image_class='alignleft' auto_excerpt=true excerpt_length=500 show_author=true paginate=true list=5]


Network Shared Posts -- Official Website
Network Shared Posts -- Plugin on WordPress.com


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