This is the blog of me -- Gyro -- a web craftsman with a strong background in Networking and IT systems.

Apart from Webdesign, I write about Linux and other operating systems, interesting articles or blog posts by others, technical stuff (like how to setup a wifi hotspot, hack a mobile, or how to setup your own cloud system), and whatever else may interested me or was on my mind at the time of writing.

Did I mention that I really enjoy Graphics Design? 99% of the artwork you find on this website has been the result of professional image manipulation -- as I would call it   :cool:

I think it is obvious, but I want to make sure it is also clear: This website is under constant development. It is my playground and over time I will add more features, like a proper navigation, maybe a sidebar with categories and tags, some ads for you to click on, and whatever else I think may look or be cool.

One thing I look for is people like me, who are interested to syndicate content, so that both blogs will feature all or certain posts from each other. If you run a blog with similar subjects to mine, please drop me a line. I haven't looked into it to much, but I wouldn't even mind programming a small plugin to be able to do this properly, if there is none already.

Enjoy ! :D

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