08th Aug2014

Best way to manipulate images using PHP?

by Gyro

I have deployed lots of different solutions to manipulate images with PHP, but today I stumbled upon probably the best PHP library out there.

It is called WideImage (requires PHP 5.2+ with GD2 extension), and it makes resizing, cropping, rotating, adding watermarks. and much more super easy.

Check out WideImage, I'm sure you'll love it!

Enjoy! :crazy:


09th Nov2012

Best Image Resize Freeware – Change photo size, dpi, easy!

by Gyro

I seriously can't remember the amount of times I have been asked for the best image resize freeware, to change the photo size or the dpi of an image. Today I finally found the perfect solution for any task, and it's as easy as eating pie. Truly the best image resize freeware, including changing the dpi, and more. And best of all, you can setup each particular resize task you do regularly in the context menu, and the tool will create a new modified version of it.

The best image resize freeware is called Free Batch Photo Resizer, it is only available for Windows, but apart from that… flaw… it is by far best tool I have found in terms of simplicity.

The tool comes in the form of a single executable file called "PhotoResize400.exe",it does not have to be installed, but you can add it to your context menu. For clarity, I will refer to the file as PhotoResize from now on.

[GAN_Image orientation="horizontal" maxads="3" width="300" height="250" ifwidth="900" ifheight="253" target="same" merchid=""]



07th Sep2012

Royalty Free Icon Finder

by Gyro

Iconfinder.com provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way. The site launched in 2007 as the first search engine focused on icons. While not all icons are free, there are loads and loads to choose from and download.




20th Jun2012

Chimply generate loading image indicators, buttons and badges for your website

by Gyro

Chimply is a website to easily generate loading image indicators, buttons and badges.

Chimply can be used to manipulate images by resizing and cropping them.

Create professional images with Chimply. It's easy and free!



14th Jun2012

Photoshop CS crashing when opening complex PSD files using Ubuntu/wine

by Gyro

I installed the new Photoshop CS6 trial version on Ubuntu using Wine 1.5.5, and had a strange error when I tried to open a complex psd file with multiple layers etc, Photoshop would just crash.

As much as I hate the way email lists look when searching for something, this time they were the only source I could find with the solution for this annoying problem.



21st May2012

33+ jQuery Photo Gallery Picture Slider Image Popup 2012

by Gyro

oh my, published it before writing it… come back later.


18th May2012

Using touch and imagemagick To create PDF files

by Gyro

Dean Howell from ThePowerBase.com has written an excellent guide for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) users on how to use imagemagick to create multi-page PDF files with ease.



13th May2012

Best Free Screenshot and Screen Capture Software 2012

by Gyro

If you are using Ubuntu (or another Linux Distro with the same GUI), I have a real treat for you!

Check out Nanoshot, it's probably the most handy screen capturing tool there is.