04th Nov2014

ISPConfig/Dovecot Fix: message exceeds temporary size limit

by Gyro

A simple ISPConfig/Dovecot Fix: message exceeds temporary size limit.

I just setup a dedicated server as a webserver using ISPConfig as the control panel following pretty much this guide:
The Perfect Server -- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (nginx, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3)

Everything went smoothly, until I setup and tested email addresses.

Thunderbird kept giving me this error popup when trying to send an email:

The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds a temporary size limit of the server. The message was not sent; try to reduce the message size or wait some time and try again. The server responded: (IP, Sender) first encounter..

So, I searched Google for that exact phrase as well as part of it, like "The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds a temporary size limit of the server" or "message exceeds a temporary size limit", and so on, then I finally found a small post that (accidentally?) contained the solution, a parameter that was missing in my config file!

It took quite a while to find the answer, so hopefully this post will help others to get the solution quicker :)

FIX: message exceeds temporary size limit

edit /etc/postfix/main.cf and add this (missing) line:

virtual_mailbox_limit = 0

Final step: restart dovecot:
$ service dovecot restart

Done, enjoy! :crazy:



23rd Jul2014

Ubuntu: Autostart Dropbox during Boot / System Startup

by Gyro

Today, I wanted to autostart dropbox during boot, so it is loaded during system startup and not only after I login.

To accomplish this, I needed to create a file and execute a few terminal commands.

1. Get startup script

Go to: dropboxwiki.com and click on the "Debian/Ubuntu" bar, copy the code.

2. Create a new file, paste the code into new file, and adjust it a bit

$ sudo nano /etc/init.d/dropbox

You need to provide the username(s) that use dropbox.
Edit the follwing line in the code, replace user1 user2 with the correct username(s):

DROPBOX_USERS="user1 user2"

Save the file, close editor, and make the file executable.
$ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/dropbox

3. Add the file to the autostart with lower priority

$ sudo update-rc.d -f dropbox remove
$ sudo update-rc.d dropbox defaults 98 02
This will load dropbox near the end of the system startup, found it in the ubuntuforums.

That should be all, enjoy :crazy:


18th Oct2013

How to install MS Office 2007 in Ubuntu 12.04 using wine

by Gyro

This is a quick and easy guide on how to install MS Office 2007 in Ubuntu 12.04 using wine. This includes winetricks settings to run Office 2007 using wine.

Most of what you can read here comes from an excellent post I found explaining how to do this on Ubuntu. I have slightly modified those steps, in order to make the installation on Ubuntu 12.04 as easy and as fast as possible.

1. Install wine1.4, winetricks, wine-gecko1.4.
If winbind is not installed install it also.
~$ sudo apt-get install wine1.4 winetricks wine-gecko1.4

2. Install Microsoft Core fonts
~$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
~$ sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

If you have any problem with the installation then download the offline installer and do the setup as follows:
~$ wget http://imaginux.com/repos/pool/renzo/msttcorefonts-offline_1.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb
~$ sudo dpkg -i msttcorefonts-offline_1.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb

3. 32 bit users can directly go to step 4.
64 bit users only must run the following commands in a terminal. This will set the Windows version as 32 bit, as Microsoft Office is available for 32 bit only.

Warning: rm -rf ~/.wine will remove all programs and configurations you have setup under wine. If you have something important in that directory please backup BEFORE running the following commands.

~$ rm -rf ~/.wine
~$ export WINEARCH=win32
~$ wineboot --update

4. Make sure you got the files you need for step 5.
Check if the folder "~/.cache/winetricks/msxml3" exists, containing the file "msxml3.msi". You may have to create the folder, download the file, and place the file into it.
You can download "msxml3.msi" from:

5. Run winetricks and go through the individual installation windows
~$ winetricks
Select "Install a Windows DLL or Component".

In the next window tick the following packages
a) dotnet20
b) msxml3
c) gdiplus
d) riched20
e) riched30
f) vcrun2005

Press Ok.

This step could also be run via command line:
~$ winetricks dotnet20 msxml3 gdiplus riched20 riched30 vcrun2005

If the dotnet20 Installation fails

It may return the error: dotnet20 requires Microsoft Installer 3.0.

In that case download Microsoft Installer 3 and install it:
~$ wine [ path to installer ]

You can download Microsoft Installer 3 here:

After you installed Microsoft Installer 3, reset your wine again.

Warning: rm -rf ~/.wine will remove all programs and configurations you have setup under wine. If you have something important in that directory please backup BEFORE running the following commands.

~$ rm -rf ~/.wine
~$ export WINEARCH=win32
~$ wineboot --update
~$ winecfg

now restart Step 5.

6. Install Office 2007
Navigate to the folder where the Setup.exe is locates and run it with wine.
~$ wine ./Setup.exe

You will find all installed office apps in your dash home.

On First Run, select "I dont want to use Microsoft Update".

Extra: Download and Install SP2 or SP3

Since Service Pack 2 you have the option to Save As… PDF, so it may be good idea to install at least that one.

Service Pack 2
~$ wget http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/1/4/A14E308D-529C-48F9-9DAF-7C3BDC88FA57/office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe
~$ wine ./office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe

Service Pack 3
~$ wget http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/2/A/22AA9422-C45D-46FA-808F-179A1BEBB2A7/office2007sp3-kb2526086-fullfile-en-us.exe
~$ wine ./office2007sp3-kb2526086-fullfile-en-us.exe



11th Sep2013

Ubuntu Flash Player Plugin Update

by Gyro

Today YouTube and Facebook kept telling me that my flash player plugin is out of date and that I need to update.

However, when following the link in the warning, all I got offered was of some .rpm file I could download.

As I rarely need to use an .rpm file in Ubuntu, I figured I missed something. So I searched a bit more, and more, and more… and bingo, there is actually a package I can install via apt-get!

This is not really a ubuntu flash player plugin update, but rather an installation of the flash player plugin. It's a bit weird as this stuff used to come with the browser (Chromium) and I never had to update the flash player itself, nor install it. Seems that something has changed, and there is a package on launchpad called “adobe-flashplugin” package in Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin

Since it is there, you don't need to download anything, just open your terminal and type:
# sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin
And you are done!

You will have the latest flash player installed, and it works perfectly fine (for me) with Firefox and Chrome. I am guessing it will update just like any other package… time will tell.

Enjoy! ;)


30th Jul2013

Cannot Change Screen Resolution for Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

by Gyro

Today my Ubuntu decided to "forget" it got 2 monitors connected. Once I activated the 2nd monitor again, I could only choose a max screen resolution of 1024×768.

After some searching I found the solution on Ask Ubuntu :)

Open Terminal and type:
$ xrandr
it will show you the available screen resolutions for the connected monitors.

$ xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2944 x 1080, maximum 8192 x 8192
HDMI-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
DVI-0 connected 1920×1080+1024+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 509mm x 286mm
1920×1080 60.0*+
1280×1024 60.0
1440×900 59.9
1280×800 59.8
1152×864 75.0
1024×768 70.1 60.0
800×600 60.3 56.2
640×480 66.7 60.0
720×400 70.1
VGA-0 connected 1024×768+0+312 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
1024×768 60.0*
800×600 60.3 56.2
848×480 60.0
640×480 59.9

VGA-1 is the monitor that has a max screen resolution of 1024×769.

So, next command in terminal:
$ xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1920×1080

And check:
$ xrandr

$ xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2944 x 1080, maximum 8192 x 8192
HDMI-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
DVI-0 connected 1920×1080+1024+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 509mm x 286mm
1920×1080 60.0*+
1280×1024 60.0
1440×900 59.9
1280×800 59.8
1152×864 75.0
1024×768 70.1 60.0
800×600 60.3 56.2
640×480 66.7 60.0
720×400 70.1
VGA-0 connected 1024×768+0+312 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
1024×768 60.0*
800×600 60.3 56.2
848×480 60.0
640×480 59.9
1920×1080 60.0

Last step: Open Display settings and change the resolution for the monitor in question.

Done, enjoy ;)


Screen resolution stuck at 1024×768



04th Feb2013

Ubuntu update/upgrade fails with dpkg error message

by Gyro

Today, my Ubuntu was unable to install update.

I got this error message after trying to update Ubuntu:

dpkg: error: parsing file ‘/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 15054 package ‘unity-common':
duplicate value for `Architecture' field
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)

After some research and trial'n'error, I came up with this solution:

1.Clear the content of the "available" file
# sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/available
# sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/available
# sudo touch /var/lib/dpkg/available

2. "Reset"
# sudo dpkg --configure -a
# sudo apt-get clean

3. Update/Upgrade again
# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get upgrade

That should be all!

Step 2 may be unnecessary, but I have no way of testing it again… maybe someone with the same or a similar problem can try it without step 2 and let me know? ;)


21st Jan2013

Gitlab service doesn’t run on startup/boot/autostart

by Gyro

I have been using Gitlab for a while now to have backups of all my git repositories on my dedicated servers. Now, I needed to reboot one of them for the first time since I installed Gitlab, and ended up with a ‘502 bad gateway' warning by nginx, when trying to access the Gitlab web interface.

I found this on the github, hidden in a small pull request:

gitlab doesn't start on boot if you follow the install instructions on Ubuntu (12.04 LTS Server -- probably others). Turns out gitlab requires redis-server to be running for gitlab to be able to start. Startup script S20redis-server isn't run until after S20gitlab so gitlab fails to start on boot. Webserver will be up, bad gateway 502 error is usually seen/reported. Starting gitlab manually works (because redis-server has started). This change makes gitlab start after redis-server.

The single line for victory:
# sudo update-rc.d gitlab defaults 70 30

Enjoy :enjoy:

source: github


27th Aug2012

Keyboard Language Switcher Ubuntu Systray

by Gyro

I just installed another language to Ubuntu 12.04, and was a bit surprised not to find any icon in the systray (taskbar, top bar, notification area), also there was no shortcut I could find to make it change language.

In case you are trying to change the keyboard layout/language with a keyboard shortcut or setup the systray icon that looks like a keyboard to switch the language in the notificationa rea, then you've come to the right place :)



14th Aug2012

WordPress Automatic Update not working

by Gyro
I had an issue with WordPress automatic update not working on my localhost, instead it kept asking me to provide ftp login details?!

Even if I had a FTP server installed, which I don't, I prefer to use the Automatic Update Feature that comes with WordPress.

Of course there can be other similar issues leading to problems with updating wordpress, regardless of being installed locally on you PC, or running on a web server on the Internet. Most likely the reason for these problems will be permission errors, that prevent WordPress from saving any files during the update. So the solution will be to change the permissions for the folders in question.

Should you run a web server on your localhost (apache), then try this in the Terminal:




14th Aug2012

SoundBlaster 5.1vx activate all speaker channels Ubuntu 12.04

by Gyro
Today my sound card decided to stop playing sound on all 6 channels, and instead just played regular stereo (front left and right).

After some searching I found this simple fix to activate all speaker channels of a SoundBlaster 5.1vx on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise:

Open daemon.conf
# sudo nano /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

390160_Fluance SXHTB 125x125



31st Jul2012

Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices with Angry IP Scanner

by Gyro

Angry IP Scanner (aka "ipscan") is a network scanner designed to be fast and simple to use. Angry IP Scanner is a open-source and cross-platform software to Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices in a certain IP range.

Angry IP Scanner not only finds computers and other devices connected to the network. For computers/devices found in the network, it will also display the host name, as well as scan and list their open ports. Angry IP Scanner has many other features to in regards to Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices.



27th Jul2012

EXT4-fs: group descriptors corrupted! Cannot mount disk using Ubuntu

by Gyro

Whaaa, Datageddon! My 2TB external just decided to stop working. "dmesg | tail" gave me the worst of the worst messages: "EXT4-fs (sda1): group descriptors corrupted!", which translates to me as "kiss your data bye bye"…

After some searching I came across the magic terminal commands to solve the problem:



26th Jul2012

Resize VirtualBox Disk Image – grow, expand, increase a .VDI disk image in 1 minute

by Gyro
Resize VirtualBox Disk Image -- the easy and the hard way.Today I actually used up the 20GB of virtual disk space I set for the Windows XP I use for specific Windows Software. Who would have thought that an old Windows XP license would be useful again, eh? :)

After performing a quick search on how to manipulate an existing VDI file, I found a bunch of lengthy guides, all pretty much saying the exact same thing… create a new VDI, load the old and new VDI disk images into a Virtual Machine as a master and slave drive, boot with a gParted or equivalent BootCD image, and then clone the old disk to the new one… or in short: do a lot of steps that take forever, but not what I want: Resize VirtualBox Disk Image.


After flipping through the 10th or so guide, I realized that pretty much all of them were written in 2008… very unusual as bloggers usually write about the same subject on a yearly basis. That in mind, I search a bit more and… BINGO! Since VirtualBox 4 is out, there is a simple command line tool to resize VDI images. Man, those extra 5 minutes of searching just saved me from a lot of hassle and a huge waste of time.


25th Jul2012

Samsung SCX-3405W Network Printer & Scanner Installation/Configuration on Ubuntu 12.04

by Gyro
Today we got a new printer from Samsung, one reason being that the Installation CD boasted to support Linux. It's actually the first Samsung printer I ever used, so… the "Linux Installation" turned out to be a non-functional Java Applet, which looks like it is supposed to help setup the Printer to connect to the WiFi… needless to say -- it didn't work, at least not until after I had setup and configured the printer, at which point I didn't need to use it anymore.

I configured the wifi settings of the printer using the USB connection, a Windows PC, and the Windows portion of the Installation CD provided with the printer. After it was configured, I disconnected it from the USB, so there is only the power cable now.

Here is the quick and dirty guide on how to install the Samsung SCX-3405W Network Printer (and Scanner) on Ubuntu 12.04, which should also work for older Ubuntu releases, as well as other Debian based distributions.



23rd Jul2012

Install JDownloader for Ubuntu – DLC Download Container App

by Gyro

Install JDownloader, the DLC Download Container App for Ubuntu.

JDownloader is an open source software, written completely in Java and platform independent. Download files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare.com, Share-Online, BitShare, FreakShare, or CloudNator.com — it works for users who don't pay, and users with a premium account can enter their account details to download with Full Speed. JDownloader can open DLC files and download multiple files at the same time, it has captcha recognition, and even extracts archives automatical once all files have been downloaded. JDownloader is absolutely free to use, as you would expect from Open Source software.



19th Jul2012

Fix problem with broken package that cannot be uninstalled in Ubuntu

by Gyro

During an update some package broke and caused apt-get to throw a fit. I could't remove the package, nor could I update it. It was really annoying, as no update would work, as long as this broken package was there.



17th Jul2012

Resize/Shrink Software RAID1 FileSystem/Volume/Partition and setup a LVM on the free disk space created

by Gyro
This is a guide on how to shrink a Software RAID1 filesysten, volume, and partition on a dedicated/remote server. I added the sources that helped me complete this task at the bottom of this post. It took about 2 days to get this sorted out, mainly because I am a Jack of all traits, and a master of none. :crazy:

This guide on how to resize a software raid1 should work on most Linux Distributions. I used a dedicated server located in Strassburg running Ubuntu Server 12.04, and I connected to it via ssh from Asia. :wooty:

Here my setup prior to doing this:

Two 2 TB hard disks (sda/sdb) with 3 partitions each
sda1/sdb1 -- md0 -- /boot
sda2/sdb2 -- md1 -- swap
sda3/sdb3 -- md2 -- /
md2 uses pretty much all the space.

Here the setup after completing the steps below:
Two 2 TB hard disks (sda/sdb) with 4 partitions each
sda1/sdb1 -- md0 -- /boot
sda2/sdb2 -- md1 -- swap
sda3/sdb3 -- md2 -- / (~320GB)
sda4/sdb4 -- md3 -- LVM "nova-volumes" (~1650GB)



06th Jul2012

Merging video, multiple audio tracks, and subtitles into one file

by Gyro

As a movie lover living in a household that speaks 3 languages, multiple audio tracks are a must for a movie, and at least English subtitles for those of us who are not native speakers of the audio we are listening to.