14th Aug2012
Author: Gyro

WordPress Automatic Update not working

I had an issue with WordPress automatic update not working on my localhost, instead it kept asking me to provide ftp login details?!

Even if I had a FTP server installed, which I don't, I prefer to use the Automatic Update Feature that comes with WordPress.

Of course there can be other similar issues leading to problems with updating wordpress, regardless of being installed locally on you PC, or running on a web server on the Internet. Most likely the reason for these problems will be permission errors, that prevent WordPress from saving any files during the update. So the solution will be to change the permissions for the folders in question.

Should you run a web server on your localhost (apache), then try this in the Terminal:


# sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /home/username/somesite/public/

Use the full path to the root foder of your website. "www-data" would have to match the username/group that your local webserver uses, if you installed apache on Ubuntu 12.04 using the official packages, then www-data is most likely correct.

You may also have to add your user to the www-data (or similar) group in case you are having problems writing or editing files.

After entering that command, the problem with the wordpress automatic update not working should be gone for a locally installed WordPress on Ubuntu or any other linux system.

Should you have a similar issue regarding wordpress automatic update not working, please drop me a line in the commend section below, and I will do my best to help you solve the issue and add the solution to this post!

Enjoy :enjoy:

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