08th Nov2012

Problems uploading files to ownCloud

by Gyro

I've installed ownCloud a while back and finally got around to test it today.

As ownCloud has a "Music" section, I figured I start by uploading some of my music. I first tried uploading an MP3 file via the web interface, but the spinning wheel would never go away, and an eventual refresh showed no new file. I then tried it with a few small files, and realized that anything over 1MB file size will result in the file not being uploaded, and the original gets deleted by the owncloud sync tool when it was used to upload/sync the file.



21st Jul2012

Automatically update Twitter – Announce new WordPress Post

by Gyro

I finally took the time to create a twitter app to be able to automatically update the twitter account with an announcement each time I post on Web Design Blog. So, if you got a Twitter account, it now makes sense to follow me ;)

If you are curious how I did it, here the 2 minute guide: