11th Sep2013

Ubuntu Flash Player Plugin Update

by Gyro

Today YouTube and Facebook kept telling me that my flash player plugin is out of date and that I need to update.

However, when following the link in the warning, all I got offered was of some .rpm file I could download.

As I rarely need to use an .rpm file in Ubuntu, I figured I missed something. So I searched a bit more, and more, and more… and bingo, there is actually a package I can install via apt-get!

This is not really a ubuntu flash player plugin update, but rather an installation of the flash player plugin. It's a bit weird as this stuff used to come with the browser (Chromium) and I never had to update the flash player itself, nor install it. Seems that something has changed, and there is a package on launchpad called “adobe-flashplugin” package in Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin

Since it is there, you don't need to download anything, just open your terminal and type:
# sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin
And you are done!

You will have the latest flash player installed, and it works perfectly fine (for me) with Firefox and Chrome. I am guessing it will update just like any other package… time will tell.

Enjoy! ;)


06th Jul2012

Merging video, multiple audio tracks, and subtitles into one file

by Gyro

As a movie lover living in a household that speaks 3 languages, multiple audio tracks are a must for a movie, and at least English subtitles for those of us who are not native speakers of the audio we are listening to.



02nd Jul2012

Scenic – A Video Conference Software on Steroids!

by Gyro

Scenic is an on stage telepresence system that allows for real time transmission of audiovisual data over any IP network. Scenic can be used in various artistic contexts, so that two different creative spaces can communicate with each other or present a combined performance. Thus, a dramatic work could be performed simultaneously in Paris and Montreal, with actors viewing each other and replying live over the network.

Scenic facilitates the transmission of high quality streaming audio-video at a guaranteed low latency on quality networks. It can transmit a maximum of 64 non-compressed audio channels, offers numerous audio and video codecs and allows the choice of compression ratio.



19th May2012

Download YouTube Videos, Channels and Playlists with Youtube-DL

by Gyro

Today, I found a fantastic YouTube channel with loads of videos that interest me. Since I especially enjoy watching videos when I do not have an Internet connection, I tend to download videos from youtube to watch them later. However, this has always been a pain in the behind to do, especially if you are following a certain channel and would like to have the latest videos…

Well, if you are a Ubuntu user, it takes about 1 minutes to setup and start downloading.



18th May2012

Install handbrake video converter on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

by Gyro

If you are using Ubuntu 12.04 and would like to install the video converter tool "handbrake", simply follow these instructions: