02nd Jul2012
Author: Gyro

Scenic – A Video Conference Software on Steroids!

Scenic is an on stage telepresence system that allows for real time transmission of audiovisual data over any IP network. Scenic can be used in various artistic contexts, so that two different creative spaces can communicate with each other or present a combined performance. Thus, a dramatic work could be performed simultaneously in Paris and Montreal, with actors viewing each other and replying live over the network.

Scenic facilitates the transmission of high quality streaming audio-video at a guaranteed low latency on quality networks. It can transmit a maximum of 64 non-compressed audio channels, offers numerous audio and video codecs and allows the choice of compression ratio.

A few specs: Command line programs milhouse, midistream, firereset, dc-ctl and jack-info, a graphic interface, experiments in multicast transmission inside a VPN, prototype of network diagnostic application, testbeds for research and experimentation, deployment of a network of Scenic users around the world.

Scenic truly opens a new field of immersive environment research and new means of collaboration in a multitude of areas.

Interested? Check out the Scenic Website


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