31st Jul2012
Author: Gyro

Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices with Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner (aka "ipscan") is a network scanner designed to be fast and simple to use. Angry IP Scanner is a open-source and cross-platform software to Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices in a certain IP range.

Angry IP Scanner not only finds computers and other devices connected to the network. For computers/devices found in the network, it will also display the host name, as well as scan and list their open ports. Angry IP Scanner has many other features to in regards to Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices.

Angry IP is widely used by network administrators, including large and small enterprises, banks, and government agencies. There are many security software available for Linux and Windows, and the Angry IP Scanner is one of the popular open source software in the network security category for any operating system.

This software was built based on Java technology that is cross platform support, so it runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It will find linux machines, windows computers, printers, and pretty much any other device currently connected to the network. Next time, Scan IP Network show Computers Network Devices with Angry IP Scanner!

Here the instructions on how to install Angry IP Scanner on Ubuntu 12.04:

Download, then open with Ubuntu Software Center, or install via command line.

Alternatively you can run it directly with java:

Dowload ipscan-linux-3.0-beta6.jar
# java -jar ipscan-linux-3.0-beta6.jar
Download ipscan-linux64-3.0-beta6.jar
# java -jar ipscan-linux64-3.0-beta6.jar

More downloads:
angryip.org download page
angryip.org sourceforge repository


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