19th May2012
Author: Gyro

Keep your passwords together and safe with KeePassX

As a web craftsman I have to keep a nearly endless list of usernames, email addresses, and the respective passwords.

KeePassX is the perfect solution to keep all your passwords, as well as all other important information in one place. It is an Open Source software for Linux, MacOS, and even Windows, that uses one single file to store all your information. This file is protected by your own password, the encryption technology used complies with the standards of the NSA, and best of all -- you can share and open this file on the before mentioned operating systems.

KeepassX has one feature that I -- for one -- could not live without, called AutoType. This feature can automatically fill in the username and password you need to login to a website or service, all you do it click on the first field that needs to be filled out, open KeyPassX, and click on AutoType of the respective entry. No more copy+paste, or remembering passwords, and you can use safe-random-generated-passwords for better security.

If you have not yet started using a password manager, I highly recommend using KeePassX.


p.s. If you are using Ubuntu, you can install KeePassX for free, with just one click in the Software Center.


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