06th Aug2014

Comming Soon: HHVM Support in WHM/cPanel?

by Gyro

Great news everyone, it looks like cPanel is gearing up to integrate HHVM (HipHip Virtual Machine)!

I just received a notification from the official features request section of cPanel, in particular the request for PHP HHVM support for better performance.

To quote: "Has anyone had any success implementing PHP HHVM on their own? It's very helpful for us to hear about real world experiences with features we are considering to add in cPanel & WHM." -- cPScottT (cPanel staff).

Don't know HHVM yet?

HHVM is what powers Facebook, it has been developed by Facebook, and they made it available for everyone free of charge. HHVM processes PHP code lighting fast and is currently compatible with about 98% of all php applications.

Today, cPanel employees have finally picked up on this and started asking some questions about HHVM in the respective feature request. What happened next is what got me really excited: Their entire features request section went temporarilly offline! I can only guess that the news has spread rapidly through the twitterverse and other social media channels, resulting in such an increase of page requests that it overwhelmed their server! Maybe they should run their feature request section on HHVM…

Anyways, I am pretty sure that with this kind of response to an "innocent" question by cPanel staff, integrating HHMV into WHM/cPanel has just jumped to the top of their To-Do-List.

Not sure about you, but I am thrilled about this news! :crazy: