15th Jun2012
Author: Gyro

Download MP3s from GrooveShark™

I have long been a fan of GrooveShark. When I am not listening to Coast2Coast or other Talk Radio, GrooveShark is usually my choice for audio entertainment. Looking back, it's amazing how many new musicians I only know because of GrooveShark, and it almost hurts thinking about all the awesome music that I would have never had the opportunity to listen to otherwise.

While listening to some tunes, I though how awesome it would be to listen to them in the car… but how to I download music from GrooveShark?

I went through quite a list of browser add-ons, plugins, or extensions, as well as some stand alone software. Here are the ones I think are worth mentioning. If I missed one you like, just put it in the comments, and I may even update this article to feature it ;)

SciLor's grooveshark™.com Downloader
This is a neat little Open Source Windows application to connect to GrooveShark directly to search for and download music. Are you from Germany, where grooveshark is blocked? This will work for you! You can download it HERE

Groove Shredder
This is a Firefox add-on that integrates itself into GrooveShark, downloading is easy, and it even has an "auto-download" feature. There is a "Download Song" button on top of the playlist to download the song your are listening to. Auto downloading will work the moment you change to the next song, if you set it up that way. You can also make Groove Shredder automatically skip to the next song as soon as it completed downloading the current one. You can download it HERE

A Linux application that runs well in Ubuntu. gSharkDown is not just a GrooveShark Downloader, it is an actual music player that allows to play and download audio files from GrooveShark.
Ubuntu installation is easy as always:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/gsharkdown
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gsharkdown

You can start gSharkDown via the dash (Unity Desktop), or via Terminal.

Again the trend continues -- Linux/Ubuntu applications are simply the best.

If you use gSharkDown and get the error: "GrooveShark service has probably changed! gSharkDown will not function propperly, so pleasebe patient until we find a solution" when opening gSharkDown, go HERE and follow the instructions to change the groove.py (Ubuntu: /usr/share/gsharkdown/lib/groove.py), or download and install the latest source of gSharkDown manually.


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