25th Jul2012
Author: Gyro

Android Installation on a HTC Touch Diamond 2 Topaz Windows Mobile

Today I put XDAndroid on a colleague's phone for the second time, after the memory card broke a couple of days ago.

This task is surprisingly easy, once you know what to do ;)

XDAndroid is a special version of Android, modified to work on older smart phones, like the HTC Touch Diamond 2 aka Topaz.

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1. Download XDAndroid.
-- Get FRX06, it works perfectly out of the box. I couldn't get FRX07 to work, and don't want to try to find out why.

2. "Install" XDAndroid
-- Unpack and copy the content of FRX06 into the root directory of the memory card (you've done it right, if the file haret.exe is in the root folder). You can also run it out of a folder, if you like a tidy root folder, the instructions how to do that are provided within the downloaded file.
-- Copy the file /STARTUPS/Topaz/startup.txt to the root folder of the memory card and rename it to default.txt

4. Run XDAndroid
-- Start the phone normally (boot Windows)
-- Use the Explorer to open the memory card.
-- Run haret.exe, and click on "Run" in window that pops up.

6. Screen Calibration
The first time it boots xdandroid, it wants to calibrate the screen. This is a little broken, so instead of having the box on the screen to click on, there is a lot of text overlaying them. So just watch carefully until you see the first box to click on in the top left corner, then just do the calibration "blind". To calibrate it, I had to click the corners about 5mm away from the screen edges. Click in this order:
-- top-left
-- top-right
-- dead-center
-- bottom-left
-- bottom right
After clicking in the bottom right corner, it should continue loading immediately, if it doesn't… better take out the battery and start over. If you need to re-calibrate your screen, there is a file in the root folder of the memory card containing the (partial) calibration data, it is called: ts-calibration. You need to delete it, then XDAndroid will start the screen calibration again the next time it boots.

That's it, from there on it's all Android… you are on your own for now. I still use a Nokia 2700, as smart phones are simply not smart enough to be worth the money… I think they are annoying little things to be honest, people spend way to much time in front of a super tiny screen. The only "smart" phone I have seen so far is the soon to be released ASUS PADPHONE, and i will own one eventually. ;)

XD Android Topaz Information Page


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