20th Sep2012

An error occurred while loading the page android facebook newsfeed 2012

by Gyro

First time I opened the Facebook app on our new android tablet, it said: An error occurred while loading the page.

So the android facebook newsfeed not showing was a real bummer, and finding out why I cannot see anything when opening the Android Facebook app, except a small turning circle and a short message saying: "An error occurred while loading the page.", became a priority.

After some searching, the solution was simple:



25th Jul2012

Android Installation on a HTC Touch Diamond 2 Topaz Windows Mobile

by Gyro
Today I put XDAndroid on a colleague's phone for the second time, after the memory card broke a couple of days ago.

This task is surprisingly easy, once you know what to do ;)

XDAndroid is a special version of Android, modified to work on older smart phones, like the HTC Touch Diamond 2 aka Topaz.

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